30 Sep

5 Popular Car Accessories

Searching for the perfect accessories to enhance your vehicle? There are many accessories to choose from that could greatly improve your car, but here are some of the more popular options that can be useful for car owners in a number of ways.

1. Cell Phone Holder

One commonly used accessory for vehicles is a cell phone holder, which you can use by attaching it to your vehicle’s windshield, dashboard bents, or dashboard, depending on the model.

Using this accessory, you can keep your phone in front of you without the risk of being distracted, remaining hands-free throughout your drives.

2. Headlight Restoration Kits

After long periods of time, headlights can begin to lose their original brightness and color, turning yellow and dim as they get covered in dust and grime. This can affect the driver’s visibility to the point where night driving becomes much more dangerous, particularly in harsh weather conditions.

headlight kit

Thankfully, headlight restoration kits make it easy to restore headlights to their original condition.

3. Wheel Rim Protectors

Many vehicles risk curb damage to their wheels, which can be expensive to repair. People may also be unaware of how to prevent it, too. However, you can easily avoid curb damage while also enhancing the look of your vehicle through the use of wheel rim protectors that attach to your vehicle’s rims.

They’re available in a variety of colors that can complement the color of your car, and they’re easily removed and reattached depending on necessity.

4. Portable Phone Charger and Car Charger

One of the biggest fears among drivers is being stuck out in the middle of nowhere without any power to their phone, and being without any power to their car, stranded without any means of assistance.

While this may be a huge concern for drivers, you can easily avoid issues with a car and phone charger that can make sure you’re not without a map or a phone call if you get lost, and you don’t have to rely on another passing driver to help revive your car’s dead battery. Even if you’re away from civilization, you won’t ever have to feel alone.

5. All-Weather Floor Mats

This is a very common item in many cars, but some drivers may neglect to get them. Oftentimes the floor of the car can gather mud, salt, and other dirt from the ground, particularly when there’s heavy rain or snow. Through the use of an all-weather floor mat, you can keep the floor of your car cleaner, while the floor mat remains easy to clean.

rubber car floor mat

Many manufacturers sell model-specific floor mats intended to fit your car floor’s contour, but aftermarket mats are also available to meet your needs while remaining cheaper and just as effective.

These are some of the many popular and well-liked accessories out there for drivers. Quality may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but innovations in modern accessories can make these products worthwhile purchases if you know where to look.

22 Apr

How a Cruise Control System Operates


Cruise control systems are extremely useful for vehicles. They not only make driving a little more convenient, but in the end they also help prevent exhaustion for drivers on the road during long trips.

They have also been useful for people who have a tendency to speed as well, helping them avoid speeding tickets when they lose track of how fast they’re going.

Chicago Limo Systems

Sometimes limos can use cruise control at low speeds, depending on the city. So a limo rental Chicago company probably wouldn’t want cruise control on their cars, but maybe a company in a rural city could use it.

Regular Chicago Systems

Cruise control systems are more useful in America than other countries, considering the roads in this country tend to be straighter and wider than those in other countries. Trips typically take longer as well. And while adaptive cruise control is in development, automatically adjusting the speed of the car to avoid hitting the one in front, conventional cruise control is still relevant.

Here’s how cruise control systems work in vehicles.

The Purpose of Cruise Control

While the main purpose of a cruise control system is to maintain a constant speed for your vehicle, it actually has other functions as well. One function the cruise control serves is to make altering the vehicle’s speed easier, with some allowing you to simply press a button to make the car go 1 mph faster or 1 mph slower.

Some other features of certain cruise control systems include:

  • On/off buttons – when you press “on”, this tells the system that you might press another button, while “off” will instantly disengage the cruise control. Some don’t have this feature and will require the use of the brake to disable the cruise control.
  • Set/accel buttons – Pressing these buttons will simply maintain whatever speed the vehicle is at currently, while holding the button down will actually accelerate the vehicle. Once pressed, pressing once again will accelerate the vehicle by 1 mph.
  • Resume buttons – If you have disengaged the cruise control, you can bring it back up to whatever speed you left it at with these buttons.
  • Coast buttons – Holding these buttons down will make the car decelerate rapidly, while pressing it once will cause a decrease in speed of 1 mph.
  • Clutch/brake pedal switches – These switches will disengage the cruise control once the driver presses down on the pedal.

Another factor to keep in mind is how safely you drive when using cruise control. You wouldn’t want to set it too fast and crash into a bollard pole.

Conventional Systems

Conventional cruise control systems vary in complexity depending on their parts. If your car doesn’t currently have a cruise control system, consider purchasing a complete cruise control kit to take advantage of this feature inexpensively.

07 Mar

How to Buy Cars Safely on Craigslist

A couple in their 60s from Marietta, Georgia — thought they found the auto they had always wanted on Craigslist. Be that as it may, when they went to meet the merchant, the couple disappeared, and their bodies were found days after the fact. It has many individuals addressing whether purchasing things on Craigslist is sheltered, yet there are some broad wellbeing tenets to consider with any online buy.

The Runions posted a promotion on Craigslist searching for their fantasy auto, a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible. They thought they’d discovered it when they got a reaction, from a man 180 miles away in McRae, Georgia. They went to take a gander at the auto and rather, professedly kept running into Jay Towns, who is presently blamed for killing the couple.

Authorities with Craigslist alluded to the alarmingly concise security page on the organization’s site, which notes, “Be particularly cautious when purchasing/offering high esteem things.”

craigslist cars

We’ve purchased and sold many autos on Craigslist and take after practically the same strategy. All things considered, the general population we’ve met and executed with have been well meaning and agreeable.

In any case, there are terrible individuals out there, and that is genuine whether they’ve posted a promotion on Craiglist, a sale on Ebay or taken out a line advertisement in the neighborhood daily paper. There are a few guidelines for effective living when taking a gander at any of these exchanges:

Try not to Post Chicago Wanted Ads

The Runions truly needed a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible, an auto they’d considered their fantasy auto since they got hitched. So they posted the accompanying “Needed” promotion on Craigslist.

here are actually THOUSANDS of Ford Mustang Convertible promotions posted on the web. A brisk Google inquiry will turn up hundreds in Georgia alone, and in the event that you get innovative, you can locate the shading, motor and inside shading a great many.

Posting a Wanted promotion on Chicago’s Craigslist uncovers significantly more about your needs and longings than you ought to be alright with. Anyone with simple Google picture seek abilities can concoct a photograph of the accurate auto you’re searching for, further luring you to jump in the auto and head out to get together.

Meet in a Public Place

This is the most important part. Meeting at people groups’ homes is really bizarre. Once more, the vast majority are okay, yet it’s not a smart thought for a resigned couple to go setting out 180 miles to another person’s home to take a gander at an auto. You’ll be new to the region, and it’s not your home turf.

22 Apr

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